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Saturday Nov 27, 2010

Hi this is Andy from RV-Adventure-Bound welcome back to my podcast Episode #4. A lot has happened since my last podcast. During the renovations to Gypsy's roof we discovered severe water damage to her framing and load bearing supports that need to be replaced. The extent of the damage is so severe that I had to decide if it would be cost effective to continue the restoration. It was a difficult decision but i have decided to abandon the repairs to Gypsy and finish dismantling her so I can sell off the parts and recoup my investment. As much as I would have liked to finish her, the reality is I have a budget & the repairs would far exceed replacement costs. So, The good news from all this is I was able to find another motorhome that is in much better condition and was able to make a deal on that. I just picked it up this week. It is a 1987 34' Fleetwood Southwind Class A. It is slightly larger, newer, and in much better shape. It will need only minor repairs and modifications to be ready for travel. I have decided to name the new motorhome Dora. I'm hoping to do a lot of exploring new places with her. That is all for now. As always, thanks for listening & stay tuned for more updates. If you keep listening, I'll keep talking.

Sunday Nov 21, 2010

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